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About Us

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an Group of Company in Bangalore, Which are engaged in Indigenous road Safety Products manufacturing Consultants, Importers, Traders in complete range of Road Safety and Parking Safety products, Epoxy compounds.

We can offer package of maintenance solutions and we are the technically qualified, experienced, result oriented Quality Products. We are also an Epoxy Specialists offering package of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical Maintenance Solutions by using Epoxy Putties, Paints, Epoxy liners, Water Proofing Compounds, Industrial Safety products, Fire safety Products, Road Safety products etc., The company has got an excellent customer base in entire Karnataka and now extending our business throughout India. The company operates through the Authorized Dealer network.

Our Products

Ranges: Road Marking Paints, Reflective Road Marking, Permanent Marking, Epoxy Marking, Used to marking lines in Roads, Highways, Parking Area, Airports Shipping corporations, and Industries.

Road Safety
Ranges: Road Sign Boards, Reflective Sign Boards, Rubber Speed breakers, Traffic Safety Cones,3M Road Studs, Cat-eyes, Used to Caution in Roads, Highways, Parking Area, Airports Shipping corporations, and Industries.

Metal Repairs Epoxies (Epoxy Putties)
Ranges: Titanium putty, Steel Putty Used to repair and reclaim damaged, worn out equipments or parts quickly back to service just in minutes.

Emergency Repair Compounds
Ranges: Fast set steel putty, Epoxy steel stick. Used for emergency and instant repairs, i.e. arresting online, leakages, where down time is costly.

Protective Coatings
Ranges: Coro Guard, EPI coat, Chem Guard , Zinc coat, Hi - temperature Aluminium coat, Heat guard, Peelable coat, Coal tar epoxy, Epoxy sealer, Epoxy Sealant, Polymer Concrete SLG Floor Coat. Used to protect the equipments and machineries against corrosion and chemical attack, High temperature etc.,

Flooring Products
Ranges: Floor patch compound, Floor coat, Floor coats self leveling, AR Pointers, Road marker, Crack seal Used to repair & protect the industrial floorings against high impact loads, hard wearing, hygienic, dust proof and aesthetic appearance.

Backing Compounds
Ranges: Crusher backing compound, Hi-performance Crusher backing compound. Used to protect the Gyratory, primary and cone crushers against impact loads.

Testing Facilities

  • In house quality control (Quality Assurance) and R&D Laboratory : All the Raw materials including Resin, Hardener, Filler Additives, Solvents to be tested as per the QAP/QCP and if found satisfactory, the material will be kept in RM-Store. If not found as per QAP the material will be rejected and inform to supplier.
  • During process each batch sample will be tested as per QCTR. After approval from QC the batch (finished goods) will be packed in respective containers and dispatched to customer.
  • The Competitors samples, samples collected from the customers are to evaluated in R&D lab. The product as per customer's requirement will be designed and all details will be submitted to the Production Department.

Advantages Over Our Competitors

Manufactured In India

  • Products are priced very competitive as less as 40% in some products.
  • Enhanced shelf life of materials.
  • Custom made products can be developed.

Superior Quality

  • We have in house R&D, all the products are manufacturing Consultants with strict quality control parameters.
  • Batch No, date of manufacturing & expiry mentioned on each product.
  • Third party Inspection Report from ISO Standard labs can be furnished on demand.

Preventive Maintenance Solutions and Services.

All under one group of Company , cold welding compounds (epoxy putties), epoxy protective coatings, Road Safety Products, Fire Safety Products , industrial specialty paints, Epoxy Floor Coatings, Epoxy Specialty Flooring, etc., thus any of the customers maintenance problems can be solved.

Immediate Customer Service

  • Unnathi‚Äôs Epoxy compounds supplied within 24 hours for your emergency needs.
  • Free consultation and specifications will be provided after inspection of your sites.